About Us

We are a CPaaS and API provider that owns our network. We allow you to build an entire communications infrastructure for your application without depending on third-party carriers. As a carrier that gives you carrier-like control, we allow you to manage your network how you want. Our global reach in telecommunications means we can do everything from providing reliable phone numbers to enabling your company as its own network carrier.

Building your service on a traditional CPaaS provider’s network drives your communications bill higher as you scale to high volume inbound calls. When you partner with CarrierX, you flip that model and make revenue on your calls rather than paying a third party to manage them. CarrierX restructures your communications cost while giving you complete control over your network. When you partner with CarrierX, you gain a powerful network and a reliable partner.


David Erickson


His foray into free teleconferencing back in 2001 sparked the viral movement known as FreeConferenceCall.com. Today, the company he founded has grown from $10 URL to the largest and most recognized conferencing and collaboration brand on the planet — with roughly 40 million users across 160 countries each month.

From this bold beginning, Dave went on to pioneer HDTandem, Wyde Voice, and StartMeeting® to name just a few. The array of companies, offering the highest quality solutions for consumers, enterprises and developers, represents an expansive and growing global infrastructure. For Dave, influencing regulations came with the territory. He took an active role in reforming and modernizing the universal service and intercarrier compensation systems through the 2011 Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Connect America Fund (CAF) Order. His continuous efforts have worked to ensure that robust, affordable voice and broadband service, both fixed and mobile, are available nationwide.

Eugene Tcipnjatov


With rich experience in telecommunications, digital signal processing, software testing and performance tuning, Eugene brings a passion for driving technological innovation and a strong understanding of VoIP technologies to CarrierX. Expertise in end-to-end software project management enables Eugene to lead high-level teams in effectively solving complex engineering tasks. Eugene holds a Masters degree in Applied Mathematics.


Andrew Nickerson


Andrew Nickerson is CarrierX’s CEO.  As the company’s leader, he manages a diverse portfolio of businesses including HD Carrier, an authorized VoIP Provider; FreeConferenceCall.com, the popular conference calling service, Bullhorn.fm, a content creation and podcasting platform and StartMeeting, an enterprise collaboration and video calling application. 

Before his appointment as CEO, Andy spearheaded carrier partnerships and business development initiatives at Skype and Microsoft. He has twenty-plus years of experience working with the wholesale business units of AT&T, Sprint, Vodafone and Telefonica. Mr. Nickerson has also worked within KPMG’s audit practice and performed financial modeling and data analytics across several industries. With a background in financial and credit risk management, Mr. Nickerson created a platform for the telecom industry to identify, evaluate, and advise on telecom investment opportunities, with millions raised in venture capital. Throughout his career, Andy has been a strong advocate for fair competition policies in Washington, DC.

Mr. Nickerson graduated from Santa Clara University with a business degree in accounting and holds an MBA in finance and entrepreneurship from the Wharton School of Business. He lives in Manhattan Beach,  California with his two children Tate and Paige, and their dogs Beau and Ollie.

Joe Trenkamp


Mr. Trenkamp brings over 25 years of finance, accounting, treasury, management consulting and capital markets experience to CarrierX.

He has direct experience raising growth capital, including a successful IPO valued at over $1B, and closing corporate transactions such as the $8B divestiture and sale of ILFC from AIG to Aercap. He also brings extensive M&A and capital markets experience to CarrierX.

Mr. Trenkamp holds an MBA from the Thunderbird School of Global Management, speaks multiple languages, and has worked directly in Europe, Asia, and the United States. He has worked directly or advised leading firms such as JP Morgan Chase, AIG, AerCap, PWC, ILFC, Air France, PIMCO, CDB Aviation, Thomson Reuters and BSQUARE. Currently living in Southern California with his family, he actively volunteers in youth sports as a soccer referee and serves on the Board of a recreational basketball league in Manhattan Beach, CA.

Michael Ching


Michael leads the engineering team at CarrierX. With over 20 years of experience in the telecom and startup space, he has held a variety of roles including business founder, software developer, and engineering manager. Michael holds a bachelor's degree in Information and Computer Science. He lives in the Seattle metro with his dogs, pigs, and chickens.

Bryan Peterson

Chief Network Officer

As the Chief Network Officer, Bryan is responsible for the day-to-day management and maintenance of all aspects of the CarrierX network and technology infrastructure. He oversees network operations, carrier relationships and strategic network planning as well as managing network fraud detection and prevention. Bryan came to CarrierX with over 20 years of telecom operations experience, having worked for a number of LECs, CLECs and telecom startups during his career.